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The History of SHYBA

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Many people were contacted in order to try to correctly remember how SHYBA began as an organization.  Unfortunately, people have moved away, memories have faded, and other factors exist which make it impossible to acknowledge all those who have helped make SHYBA one of the premier youth basketball organizations with approximately 1400 youths of ages 7 through high school. 
For an alternate account of SHYBA history, Click here.
SHYBA has existed since 1990, when it began with approximately 50 to 75 boys, ages 10 to 14. The following is what has been gathered regarding SHYBA”S beginning….
In 1989 Bill Michuda was the boys basketball coach at Souderton (he’s still a guidance counselor at the high school) and was unhappy in that he was not getting enough students trying out for the team who had the skills or experience to grow a successful high school program. Most kids simply never had a chance to play any team basketball except for a limited number who made the school teams. He contacted Jack Holderbach, the then President of the Harleysville youth baseball league and asked for help in order to start a youth basketball league. Jack, along with a few others, are the “charter” SHYBA board members:
The individuals who are believed to be  “Charter” members starting the league were:
            Frank Custer
            Rich Farina
            Wayne Blanchard
            John Bergandino
            Roland Meinhardt
            Jack Holderbach
It seems like Frank Custer was the driving force, who spent a lot of time getting the league up.  Frank spent many years in politics..


Significant events:
In addition to the presidents, others that should be noted who gave tremendous amounts of time in growing SHYBA are:
            Mike Stadnicki
            Larry Hill
            Dave Pyrz
            Bob Flosdorf
Further discussion and accomplishments of the Travel Program can be found on the Travel Accomplishments section of this page.
Please contact the current Presidet or other board member to add to any of the SHYBA history.


Presidents List
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Past Presidents of SHYBA are:
1989-1990 Frank Custer
1990-1991 Frank Custer
1991-1992 Rich Farina
1992-1993 Doug Mason
1993-1994 John Bergandino
1994-1995 Steve Jarenko
1995-1996 Tom Casani
1996-1997 Greg Grimm
1997-1998 John Kennedy
1998-1999 John Kennedy
1999-2000 Doug Supinski
2000-2001 Pete Donoghue
2001-2002 Pete Donoghue
2002-2003 Steve Snyder
2003-2004 Steve Snyder
2004-2005 Steve Snyder

2005-2006 Steve Snyder

2006-20              2006-2007 Greg Scott

                         2007-2008 Greg Scott

                         2008-2009 Greg Scott

                         2009-2010 Jason Fiorello

                         2010-2011 Jason Fiorello

                         2011-2012 Jason Fiorello

                         2012-2013 Jason Fiorello

                         2013-2014 Jason Fiorello
            2014-         Mickey Kutzler


Travel History & Accomplishments
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SHYBA Travel Program History & Accomplishments

The SHYBA Travel Program started around 1996, with only two or three teams competing in the Suburban Basketball League (founded and administered by Bob Becker) for the first few seasons.  During those early years, there was minimal interest within the Souderton District, so some of the coaches often recruited players from outside of the local community in order to field teams.

In 1999, Bob Metz became the first Travel Coordinator and was responsible for formalizing practice time and procuring equipment for the teams.  Under his direction, SHYBA Travel became much more organized and competitive.   Many of the key rules regarding Travel basketball (allowing only players who live within the Souderton Area School District, no “playing up” in terms of age, etc.) were set in place under Bob’s guidance.

Bob Conroy succeeded Bob Metz in 2003 and served as Travel Coordinator through 2005.  He was followed by John Kennedy, who served in the lead Travel role for the next seven seasons.  Under Bob and John’s direction, the Travel Program continued to flourish.  SHYBA consistently entered at least six teams into the Travel league; three for the Boys and three for the Girls, at the 11, 12 and 13-year old levels.   Four of the six teams that have captured Travel League Championships came during their tenure as Coordinator.  During this time, the Travel Program also became responsible for their own budget, running annual fundraisers to help offset expenses.

In 2008, the Suburban Basketball League folded and was replaced by the Inter-County Basketball Association (ICBA), founded and run by Warren Blatt and Jose Gomez.

SHYBA Travel Coordinators:
1999-2003:  Bob Metz
2003-2005:  Bob Conroy
2005- 2012:  John Kennedy  
2012-Present:  Pete Messner

SHYBA Travel Team Accomplishments:





Team Notes


Boys - 13 “A” Division Champions

Larry Hill
John Kennedy


Many of the players on this team contributed to Souderton High School’s League Championship team in 2005

Notable mention:

  • Robbie Pines, who starred at Souderton HS, went on to play for East Stroudsburg University
  • Mike Kennedy, was first-team All-Conference at Souderton HS
  • Mike Connolly  played for Kutztown


Boys - 12 “A” Division Champions

Dave Werth
Lou Franklin
Bill Hoffman

Many players on this team contributed to Souderton High School’s League Championship teams in 2006 and 2007.

Notable mention:

- Ronnie Benson played for Bloomsburg University
- Jim Connolly played for Philadelphia University
- Jim Mower played for Lafayette
- Dan Werth played for Eastern College


Girls - 13 “B” Division Champions

Rich Allen

Notes to follow


2005 2006

Girls-12 & 13 “A” Division Champions

Pete Messner
Jory Nelson

This team also made it to the 2004 “A” Division Championship Game at the 11-year old level, losing in overtime.  They compiled an 8-1 mark during their three years in the Playoffs.


Eight of the girls from this team played High School Varsity basketball.

-    Brittany Sandone went on to play for Cabrini College, scoring 1366 career points and was named Conference Player of the Year her Senior season

-    Jessica Bard played for Suffolk University

-    Emily Price and Dara Nelson played for Gwynedd Mercy College, but both careers were cut short by injury.

The Complete Roster:
Jessica Bard, Averie Brittin, Sammie Brown, Carley Burger, Alex Faccenda, Alanna Messner, Steph Monico, Dara Nelson, Emily Price, Becca Reach, Brittany Sandone, Sabrina Walley.



















Boys - 11 “B” Division Champions















Girls-13 "B" Division Champions

Tom Doughty
Neal Ehrlich
Cory Derstein
 Joel Bish















Overall record 22-0

ICBA Season including playoffs 14-0

Warrington Warwick Warm-up Champions  

ICBA King of the Court Champions








This team compiled a 15-0 mark during the ICBA Season, and ended the year with an overall record of 25-4.

Roster:  Andrew Vince, Mekhi Williams, Joey Ehrlich, Stephen Blue, Kobey Bui, Jack Towsen, Owen Bish, Dylan Brinkmann, Cole Derstein, Tommy Doughty




  • Olivia Bonnet
  • Payton Carroll
  • Kayla Ciuba
  • Shannon Hollick
  • Alexa King
  • Darby Kramer
  • Mikaela Reese
  • Cassie Rodrique
  • Megan Sweeney
  • Gabby Ziegler

Head Coach Henry Rodrique

Assistant Coach Jay Kramer





Boys-11 Division 3 Champions

The 11U SHYBA Wolverines won their ICBA division championship with a final League record of 13-2 and an overall season record of 22-4

Coaches: Ed Blair   Kevin O’Leary   Tom Zimmerman


James Blair

Joey Crecca

Tyler Derstein

Billy Fitzgerald

Nathan Hemsing

Levi John

Ian Kutzler

Patrick McKnight

Liam O’Leary

Jared Zimmerman


2017 Girls-13 Division 2 Champions

The girls compiled a 14-1 ICBA record in their final Travel season together, defeating Boyertown 31-26 in the League Championship game.

Coaches:   Dave Werth  Rich Allen   JR Passarella



Hannah Alderfer

Kayla Ciuba

Hayley Fenchel

Katie Huber

Emily Manchester

Sophia Ophalt

Emanye Royster

Simmy Ramchandani

Sophie Schaeffer

Jordan Zimmerman





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COTY here

An Alternate SHYBA History
by the staff of the SHYBA Lampoon
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SHYBA was founded in 1792 (just 16 years after the colonies declared their independence) by Dr. Leviticus Horatio, who was trying to resolve the problem of local youth gangs. The local ruffians were terrorizing the population, destroying all in their path. Dr. Horatio ran the youth intervention program, and desperately needed something to distract the youth from their destructive activities… thus, he developed the game of basketball in 1789.

In Dr. Horatio’s basketball game, they used apple baskets (not peach baskets as common lore implies) and a sheep’s bladder as the ball. A few years later, they developed an improved basketball by taking a leather football, and pounded out the points with a ball-peen hammer, rendering it perfectly round.

Gathering a small group of citizens, Dr. Horatio organized the 1st SHYBA board in 1792. The season was 3 months long, and there were 65 players. Of course they had great difficulty getting sufficient gym space from the local schools, since basketball was just invented, but they worked through it. Other early difficulties they faced were: the Travel teams had no opponents to play, uniforms were very expensive, since they had to be custom made and imported from Europe. Fortunately, since pro basketball did not yet exist, the spectators (consisting of parents, and friends of the players), had not yet learned to harass the referees and opposing team, so we had civility on the courts.

SHYBA continued to expand and improve the game of basketball, which was considered a local, closely held secret. Official rules were developed, referees trained, nets knitted, cheerleaders practiced, etc... all within the Souderton/Harleysville area. In 1890, a traveler through the Souderton/Harleysville area, one Dr. James Naismith, had opportunity to attend a few SHYBA basketball games and was greatly impressed.
Dr. Naismith returned home to Springfield, Mass (also home of one Bart Simpson.. no relation to Jesica) taking basketball with him, and, to the rest of the world, taking credit for inventing the game in 1891 (but of course the Souderton/Harleysville folk know better).  Historical footnote: a descendant of Dr. James Naismith, Michael Nesmith was a major force in the 60's rock group, THE MONKEYS.

Sometime around 1906, a foresighted SHYBA board, recognized the need to improve communications to the parents, coaches and players of the league. Colonel Andre Kalisnikoff then the SHYBA secretary (Colonel Kalisnikoff was a recent Russian immigrant, settled in the Harleysville area, having escaped the tyrannical persecution of nerds by the Russian Czar), invented the 1st computer and the interSHYBAnetwork, for the sole purpose of creating the SHYBA web site.

For over 200 years, SHYBA has been the pride and joy of the Souderton/Harleysville citizens. The mayor of Harleysville honored SHYBA in 1978, with the key to the city… the key, in reality, only unlocks the restrooms at the Harleysville civic arena, but it’s the thought that counts. The youth gang problem, which provoked the development of basketball and SHYBA by Dr. Horatio, was solved by 1794, just 2 years after SHYBA began… a testament to the short attention span of kids everywhere.

This little fictional SHYBA history was written to motivate John Kennedy to produce the real History of SHYBA… Click click here to see the real story.

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