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SHYBA Questions & Answers
Q) When does the SHYBA season begin?
A) The season for younger age groups begins early November.   The oldest girls league (14-17) and oldest 2 boys leagues (13-14, 15-17) don't start until early December due to selection of high school basketball teams.     The season concludes with Championship Saturday, which is roughly the second week of March.  The 7-8 boys and girls leagues do not have playoffs and instead have a fun, skills day in early March.

Q) How long to practices and games last?
A) ALL practices/games run 65 minutes total

Q) Where do the practices and games take place?
A) We use 10 different gyms all in the Souderton School District including 3 private school gyms. Locations by age groups usually are:
7-8 Boys/Girls - Oak Ridge & Franconia Elem. Schools (8 ft baskets)
9-10 Boys/Girls - West Broad Elem. & Salford Hills Elem. Schools
11-12 Boys - Penn Valley Church-Telford, Indian Crest Jr. H.S. & Christopher Dock H.S.
13-14 Boys - Indian Crest Jr. H.S., Christopher Dock H.S., & Penn View Christian School
11-13 Girls - Penn Valley Church, Indian Crest Jr. H.S. & Christopher Dock H.S.
14-17 Girls - Penn View Christian School  & Indian Crest Jr. H.S.
15-17 Boys - Vernfield Elem. School

Q)  How often to teams play?

A)  Teams usually play once during the week and/or once on the weekend.   The days during the week in which games are played varies from league to league. 

Q)  How much does it cost to register?

A)  Please see the registration info page for specific registration costs as they can vary from season to season.


Q)  Can I request to have my son/daughter placed with another player for car pool reasons?

A)  SHYBA can’t accept requests for players to be placed together as the teams are created through a draft process for each league with the coaches selecting the players for their teams.


Q)  Can my son/daughter play for the school team and also play SHYBA?

A)   SHYBA supports the approach taken by the Souderton school teams with respect to this question.  To that end, players up through 8th grade, inclusive, can play for their school team and a SHYBA team.   Once players begin their freshman year of high school, the school teams often request players do not play SHYBA while playing for their school team.  Please check with your school team for the specific answer for your case.


Q)  I missed the open registration.   How do I complete a late registration?

A)  Go to the SHYBA “Registration Info” page and print off the late registration form.    Then, go to the “Contacts” page and find the commissioner for the league in which your child will be playing.   Contact that commissioner for your late registration request and he/she will be able to tell you the current status regarding space left in the league, position on waiting list, etc.


Q)  How do I sponsor a team, what do I get as a sponsor, and how much does it cost?

A)  Go to the “Sponsor Info” page and complete the online sponsor  or print off the Printable Sponsor Form.    Fill in the form and mail it to the address listed on the form.    Please see the sponsor info page for costs.    As a sponsor, you get your company name on the back of the jerseys for the team in which you sponsored and at the end of the season, you get a sponsor plaque with a team photo.


Q)  How are the travel teams selected?

A)  For each SHYBA travel team, there are 2 tryouts.   The tryouts are run by the travel program coaches and at the end of the tryouts, the coaches select the 10 players who they believe will form the best travel team.


Q)  When does the travel season start and end?

A)  Practices for travel start in October with scrimmages and preseason games through December.  The league season runs January thru February.


Q)  How often do travel teams practice and play games?

A)  Practices are usually twice per week, and games are also usually twice per week.   There are also tournaments which may run several days in a row, usually over a weekend.


Q)  What are the additional costs if my child wants to play for a travel team?

A)  The additional costs for participating in the travel program are above and beyond the normal SHYBA registration.  As the costs change change from season to season, please see the registration info page for details.    SHYBA pays for 2 tournaments per season for each travel team and if a team is interested in playing more tournaments, the players are responsible for the additional costs for those tournaments.


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