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last modified: 13 Mar 2017
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                                    Playoffs 2017:

          Championship Games at Charger Nation in Trevose:

Friday, March 10: Girls-13 CHAMPIONS !  SHYBA 31  Boyertown 26

Sunday, March 12: Boys-11 CHAMPIONS !  SHYBA 33  Montgomery 31


Thursday, March 2, 6:50pm at Vernfield Elementary

     Girls-13: SHYBA 38  Warrington 30

Saturday, March 4, 10:45am at Indian Valley:

     Boys-11: SHYBA 40  Deep Run 23

Four of our Travel teams have qualified for the 2017 ICBA Playoffs.

First round (Quarter-final) games are as follows:

Saturday, February 25th at Indian Valley Middle School:

---9:00am Girls-12 (Bill McGillian) SHYBA vs. Boyertown

---10:15am  Girls -13 (Dave Werth) SHYBA vs. Parkwood

---11:30am  Boys-11 (Ed Blair) SHYBA vs. Council Rock

Tuesday, February 28th:

---7:15pm Boys-10 (Brian Stauffer) SHYBA at Pottsgrove

    Lower Pottsgrove Elementary School

Come out and cheer on our Travel teams!

If you are interested in trying out for a Travel Team, you must first register for SHYBA.  Then check for the two Tryout dates for your age group under the Key Dates tab on the SHYBA website.

PLEASE be sure to double-check those dates as they approach, as we sometimes need to make last-minute changes

It is strongly suggested that you make both tryout dates, but you must be present at one of the tryouts in order to be considered for the team.   Ten players are selected for each Travel team.

IMPORTANT change for the 2016-17 Travel Season:  Beginning this season, SHYBA Travel will recognize the InterCounty Basketball Association's (ICBA) Grade-exception policy.   This means that if your son or daughter is up to one year older (by SASD regulations) than his or her normal school grade, he or she is allowed to try out for the Travel team of their "Grade", not based purely on age.   If this is your first year of Travel basketball, you must choose whether you will follow the "age-based" or "grade-based" policy for your entire SHYBA Travel basketball experience. 

If you have any questions about SHYBA Travel basketball or the new Grade-exception policy, please feel free to contact me or the Coach associated with your age-based team.

Thank you

Pete Messner




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