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The Atomic Kittens won the 9/10 Girls Championship game 34-20.

SHYBA All League Night

SHYBA All League Night

SHYBA All League Night

SHYBA All League Night

SHYBA 3-on-3 Tournament 1st place winners (from left): Nadia Yemola, Abby Quinn and Brooklyn Christy.

SHYBA 3-on-3 Tournament 2nd place winners (from left): Gabi Linberger, Allie Esposito and Brooke Fenchel.

SHYBA 3-on-3 Tournament

SHYBA 3-on-3 Tournament

2016 Opening Day - Atomic Kittens vs. Ice Dragons.

2016 Opening Day - Atomic Kittens vs. Ice Dragons.


Congratulations to the Atomic Kittens for winning the 2016-17 SHYBA Girls 9/10 Championship!


9-10G Playoff Bracket      
Round 1 Round 2 Championship Practices Championship
  #1 Atomic Kittens  
  Sat 3/11 @ 10:15 AM   
#4 Blue Jays West Broad  #1 Atomic Kittens  
Wed 3/8  @ 6:30 PM    Fri 3/17  @ 6:30 PM   
West Broad   West Broad  
  #4 Blue Jays Practice  
#5 Panthers       #1 Atomic Kittens
    Championship Sat - 3/18
    Souderton HS - 9:50 AM
  #2 Ice Dragons    
  Sat 3/11  @  09:00 AM     
  West Broad  #2 Ice Dragons  
  Thur 3/16 @ 7:40 PM   
    Salford Hills  
  #3 Hornets Practice  


SHYBA Girls 9/10 league hosted it's All League Night on Thursday, February 16th as a celebration of all of the girls' great work this season. The night was filled with drills, contests and three highly competitive games! Congratulations to ALL of the girls on a wonderful season in which they hopefully have had a lot of fun!


SHYBA Girls 9/10 league hosted it's 2nd Annual 3-on-3 tournament on Friday, January 20th. All of the participating girls had a lot of fun and played great! Congratulations to the 1st place and 2nd place teams.

1st Place

  • Brooklyn Christy
  • Abby Quinn
  • Nadia Yemola

2nd Place

  • Allie Esposito
  • Brooke Fenchel
  • Gabi Linberger


An enormous THANK YOU to our team sponsors this season. Please support our sponsors if you can!

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